Exhibition + Intervention: Telemagic, the Smallest Museum + Symposium Concerning the Spiritual in Art,
Paradiso Amsterdam
April 2018

Manifestation: EMP.FM, Euro-Art Utrecht
May 2018

Manifestation: Telemagic,

Lentekabinet Festival, Amsterdam
May 2018

Cyanne van den Houten (1994) is a designer mainly focusing on our human connection to technology. In her communication practice she searches for new connections between human, media, esthetics and youth culture in *Graphic Design* *Activism* the creation of *Platforms* and *Avantgardistic Recreation*

As founder of TELEMAGIC (open media-lab) she tries to make sense of the mysteries that revolve around digital technology. With other artists and designers she creates manifestations and artistic interventions. Like worlds first Paranormal-Tech-Fair in WORM  last april, and TeleState a spiritual Oracle Arcade-hall in De School.

About Cyanne van den Houten

Ba of Graphic Design
MA of Design in Fine Arts

Studied at University of the Arts Utrecht and Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam.

Based in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

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