“Telemagic preaches the beauty of technology”
Glamcult Feature

“Avant-gardistische vormen van communicatie”
De Fusie Feature


EMP.FM: Pirateradio, Wildeburg Festival
July 2018


Manifestation: Telemagic: Televape,
Lentekabinet Festival Amsterdam
May 2018

Final presentation: ‘The Sineater’ Sandberg@Mediapark Masterclass,
Beeld & Geluid Hilversum
May 2018

Exhibition: Telemagic: the Smallest Museum (part of Symposium Concerning the Spiritual in Art), 
Paradiso Amsterdam
April - May 2018

Cyanne van den Houten (1994) is a designer mainly focusing on our human connection to technology. In her communication practice she searches for new connections between human, media, esthetics and youth culture in *Graphic Design* *Activism* the creation of *Platforms* and *Avantgardistic Recreation*

As founder of TELEMAGIC (open media-lab) she makes sense of the mysteries that revolve around digital technology. With other artists and designers she creates manifestations and artistic interventions. Like worlds first Paranormal-Tech-Fair in WORM  last april, and TeleState a spiritual Oracle Arcade-hall in De School.

About Cyanne van den Houten

- Ba of Graphic Design + MA of Design in Fine Arts
- Studied at University of the Arts Utrecht and Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam
- Based in Utrecht, The Netherlands: Sint Jacobsstraat 6-8,3511 BR

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