Cyanne van den Houten
Visual Communication

“Avant-gardistische vormen van communicatie”
De Fusie Feature


“Telemagic preaches the beauty of technology”
Glamcult Feature


EMP.FM: Pirateradio + Telemagic: 1 Euro Cinema selects, Wildeburg Festival
July 2018

Local Pirate Radio Station: EMP.FM with 300 metres of range
Collaboration with Isa van Weert + Ymer Marinus
*In close collaboration/realisation with Darko Tidac + Joep Bollinger*

We occupy smallest places possible to give stage to people with biggest/smallest talent, no possible way to fail. Performance, theatre, live music, DJ’s, storytelling, poetry.
So far EMP.FM created a platform for/with 40+ artists on 6 places.

Later collaboration + work of EMP see Plantasia @ De Ruimte.

EMP.FM @ Bijlmer Bajes

20 januari 2016

*Opening Lola Lik*

*Tim Schakel*
*Deze Straver*
*Juicy Double J*
*Jailhouse Dennis*
*Loes Classical*
*The Velvet Union*
*Destruction Paul*
*Icey von Weird*
*Bello Pin Jorge*
*La Beige*

Thanks to
Tim Schakel

EMP.FM 2 @ Spinhuis Amsterdam

27 december 2014

EMP.FM 1 @ Goede Vrijdag

30 oktober 2014

*17 Live Acts*
*Free Entrance*

EMP.FM Sessions

Only Online
Or with *VIP* invitation

EMP.FM @ Motel Mozaique Festival

8 April 2016 (never happened)


Goede Vrijdag Dans Debacle

*Live DJ sets*

*Liquid Sky*

EMP.FM @ Traktiedag

17 Mei 2015

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